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For Love Not Money. For Beginners

For Love Not Money. For Beginners
Young Artist exhibition via Tallinn XV Print Triennial
21.01.2011- 20.02.2011
East Creative Space
Pikk 36 ,Tallinn

This winter-spring from January 20th 2011 through May 8th the city of Tallinn celebrates the world renown
Tallinn Print Triennial: “For Love Not Money.“ From this is born the „daughter“–exhibition, „For Love not
money. For beginners.“
We welcome young artists from all over the world ages 18-35 . Works are accepted in traditional printmaking
techniques and/or different mediums that connect with the theme of the show „For Love Not Money. For
Beginners“ and the graphic printmaking tradition.
„For Love not money. For beginners.“ Presumes to be the „softer“ version of the grand scale Tallinn Print
Triennial (soft graphics). We are looking for wandering vagabonds, who are starting to dive into the deep end
of the art pool, eyes shining, hoping for a soft landing.
Optimism, naïveté, abberrations, crudeness, immaturity (raw graphics) are the key words that pop into the
imagination when comparing this show with the „Big One“.
We feel no fear, for we don´t even know yet what to be afraid of. Daredevils ahoy! Mistakes are permitted.
That is where we learn from. Or that's what they keep telling us atleast...
And if You happen to be a mature artist already, all the better!
How to apply:
Phase A: Sending digital material.
Deadline: Images (JPG or PDF format) via e-mail should be sent with completed entry form to before 4th of January
Phase B: Selected artists
Artists selected for phase B should send their works to Tallinn at the artist’s expense before 14th of January to the address:                                                  Grafodroom
Vana-Kalamaja 46
10415, Tallinn
Works will be returned to participating artists in a 6-month period after the closing of the exhibition at the
Grafodrooms expense.

We reserve the right to make exceptions and changes.

Questions and additional information:

Grafodroom: Mari Prekup, Britta Benno, Jaanika Okk

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